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Creating new looks with the same furniture

With staging, you often move sets of furniture from one house to another...but you don't want every house to look exactly the same. So, how can you create new looks with the same furniture? A few ways:

1. Accessories.

Accessories can change the entire feel and look of a room. This includes pillows, rugs, trinkets, candles, books, trays, etc. Find things at your local thrift store that match your style or color story of a room. My first few stops when staging a new house are 3 main thrift stores in my area and I always find a ton of fun (and unique) pieces. This, for staging, give a feel of homeyness verses a bland staging job.

Because the larger furniture pieces in my collection (couches, chairs, tables, rugs) are pricier, it is much easier to dress them differently depending on the style I am going for.

2. Small Furniture swaps.

For the times I need to change a style from boho to farm house, things like swapping out a coffee table, art or side table makes a big impact. In the photo above, this house was a very plain home circa 2005 with not a ton of character or charm. I needed to bring in more interesting and textures pieces to make it wow. In the photo below, its the same set up of furniture....except the coffee table! Do you see how it can change a room?

Because the house in this photo had more character in the architecture, i wanted to highlight that rather than draw the eye away.

The same principals can go with a dining space, a bedroom, office, etc.

This can also go for your own personal home. It's very easy to refresh the look of your home with simple accessory swaps rather than a total overhaul of new furniture.

I have a great consultation option for just that if you need help figuring out what you'd like to do to your space. You can find that information here.