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Kitchen Updated UNDER $400!!

You read that right, a few months ago I had the opportunity to give my best friend a kitchen makeover, on a serious budget.

My friend Shayla lives in California in an inherited farmhouse. Not Joanna Gains status farmhouse, but literally a house on a working diary farm. This house was originally built in the 1960's and had many updates and additions, but the kitchen was never touched except for newer appliances.

Money being a concern, but also sick of looking at her run-down ranch kitchen, Shayla turned to me to help her. She gave me a budget of around $700, but I knew I could do better than that. So the planning began!

Here are some before shots (did I also mention Shayla breeds the sweetest dogs?!):

Shayla wanted a fun pop of color, something that looked clean and had the farmhouse feel. So I started with two options.

The first was much more clean, with brass accents and the option of a pop of color in the "tile" we planned on using.

The second was more fun and playful. Paint the cabinets a blue-tone (spoiler, we ended up going very blue), with black accents and a white backsplash.

To save the most money, I chose to do peel and stick tile and marble look contact paper for the backsplash and countertops. We kind of lucked out because the current situation was full Formica counter and back! Very easy to install over.

We ended up not installing a new faucet since Shayla had recently replaced the current one and didn't want to spend the money (understandable). The other challenge we had was time. I only had about 3 days to do this entire project!

So, before I got out there I had Shay order everything except paint and hinges. I knew the hinges needed to be replaced, but they are hard to eyeball, so I wanted to purchase those in person. As for the paint, Shayla wasn't sold on a color yet, so I knew that we needed to try a couple samples.

We ended up landing on Sweet Salt Air by HGTV Home Sherwin Williams for the paint color:

And then the work began! We sanded and sanded, then primed and then painted and painted and painted! It was a lot of painting...and lessoned learned because we used a brush for everything! If I were to paint again, a foam roller would be my choice.

Once everything was fully dry, we re-attached the cabinet doors. I have never done this before, but it was easier than expected.

Then, we added handles and knobs. All of that was the easy part. Because the next steps were to apply the peel and stick tile and the contact paper counters!

For the backsplash we chose a mini subway tile pattern in white. I have watched many hours of DIY renos on YouTube...and none of them explained what a pain in the BUTT they would be to install. And they were! However, they looked SO beautiful once installed so it was worth it.

Next was the contact paper, which is what I was personally dreading the most. I had to apply contact paper to a bunch of cabinets with static shelves and was having flashbacks of the annoyance of that experience was. But, that ended up being one of the faster and easier projects!

At this point, it was 11pm the night before I had to leave Shayla. So I woke up early the next morning to clean, organize and do one last project: installing the can conversion pendant above the sink!

And, here is the big reveal!

And there you have it!

Although I don't have a breakdown of the cost of everything, the total for this job was $372.84!

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Pendant Light



Contact Paper

Contact Paper install kit (trust me!)



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