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Staging New Construction - Gunter Street

Updated: Feb 8

New construction is such a fun type of staging job. The houses are so clean and pretty and usually up to date with the best trends. But sometimes, they can look and feel fairly lifeless. When no life has been lived in the house yet, you have to create warmth and comfort in its place. With this project, the house was beautiful, but it just needed the magic staging touch.

It was my job to show what life could look like for a potential buyer in this home. I chose modern and soothing colors like blues, greys, whites and some greens.

Upstairs, I used a few blush tones in the master bedroom, in addition to the blues and greens. Creating a comforting and serene setting in the master bedroom is important to show buyers how great their life can be in that space.

The dining room was also a bit of a challenge. The light was placed in an odd area, so centering was difficult. I chose not put a rug under the table in order to keep the traffic areas clear. There was also a hangover on the peninsula for stools, but chose not to add them to limit the look of clutter. These choices are difficult to make, as you don't want to send the wrong message to a potential buyer, as in "are they saying there isn't enough room for stools? Should I not put stools if I purchase this house?" These are the questioning remarks I try to avoid. I think with this space, it wasn't a problem.

I kept the kitchen simple, because a clean kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. And the backsplash is amazing!

For my usual job, I stage all common areas, master bedroom, all bathrooms and turn one bedroom into an office. The office is one of my favorite rooms to stage because it can look like anything you want! I swayed more toward modern farmhouse for this room.

And that's a wrap for this job! Please check out my projects page for more photos.